An impactful and
educational job
that fits you

To change the Mobile World you need a special DNA: the Belsimpel DNA. This doesn't mean that everyone at Belsimpel is or thinks the same, but it does mean that we share the same core values. This is reflected in all the things you see in our company culture, from the content of our work to the company parties we have together. That way you work with a team of like-minded people and by sharing our different visions we can always learn from each other, whether you work with us as a side job or full time.

This is what you can expect from us as an employer

Your personal development is paramount

Improvement and development is what drives us as a company. We start from your talents, what you like and what you want to learn and offer you a comprehensive development program based on that. You can rely on training, peer review, your own library and experienced colleagues to get you on the steepest learning curve possible. And do you feel less stimulated, or are you ready for the next step? Then we'll start right there. We want to be thé company where you learn fast.

You will have international career opportunities and lots of responsibility

At Belsimpel, it doesn't matter how old you are or what position you have, if you can handle responsibility then you get it right away. Many of our colleagues have worked in their low-twenties at topics that take ten years longer at other companies. That characterizes especially how Belsimpel looks at it: try and learn! Because we are growing internationally, there is also career perspective in that respect.

Your work has maximum impact

At Belsimpel, the best idea wins, no matter who you are and what you do. It's all about what you say, not how you say it. And if you have a good idea we also want to show that improvement to end users quickly. We work according to the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) idea where you aim at what the smallest version of an improvement is. This way, your preliminary work has maximum impact; users start working on it right away. We have no hierarchical decision-making, no internal politics and everything is always open for discussion. In short: bring on those good ideas!

You will have smart, fun, normal and fanatical colleagues

You may not have thought about it yet, but how fun and educational the colleagues around you are makes a lot of difference to your job satisfaction. Because of our fanaticism we get more done and because the pace at Belsimpel is so high you learn extra fast. Working at Belsimpel is also extremely fun because of the outings, the Christmas party, our canteen, the Belsimpel boat and the fact that we have all disciplines under one roof.

Your work always fits into your life

You work, but you also live. And we think that is important too. That is why we actively support you in your private/work life balance and we also facilitate sports and exercise, including a weekly boot camp. There are many other useful benefits that we offer to make your life easier, such as receiving packages at the office, discounts for colleagues at other companies and much more!

This is what we like to see in you

You are a fanatic

In everything we do, you will notice that we are very fanatical and driven. A game of Risk runs late into the night with us. A quick game of table tennis immediately turns into a competition. Do we have to do a lot of work at once? Then we arrange for pizza and gather with a group of fanatics to finish it in a night of hard work. Fanaticism is really hard-wired into our lives.

You are positive

If Belsimpel looks to the future, we see opportunities. We think we can still do a lot better and be more customer-friendly. We grasp every opportunity for improvement with both hands, and we are confident that our work really improves the mobile world. And that benefits everyone.

You are smart

We want to solve the difficult puzzle for the customer. This means that we put a lot of time into analysing and developing smart and efficient solutions. Everything is well thought-out. And do you, as a colleague, think it can be done better? Then your idea is most welcome. Everything is open for discussion.

You are normal

Our roots in Groningen are reflected in our actions. We are very normal, down-to-earth people. At Belsimpel, successes are not reflected in an expensive car in front of the office, but rather a cake in the canteen. That way we all celebrate. And afterwards? Simply continue with our mission to change the mobile world bit by bit.

You are reliable

Belsimpel is always honest. We do our best to give customers all the information they need to make a good choice. We don't work with bonuses or targets. We put the customer first in everything we do and answer any questions customers may have.

Success is celebrated together

Besides working hard, we also like to have fun at Belsimpel. That's why we have drinks at our own bar every Friday afternoon and why we organise the best parties! Every year we have a legendary Christmas party and every summer we go sailing together, but that's not all...

The Belsimpel Benefits

Changing the mobile world is not something you do easily, you do it with a super team! We find it very important that you enjoy your work and feel truly appreciated. That's why we have the Belsimpel Benefits: a number of extra benefits especially for Belsimpel colleagues.

Your health goes first

This is our number one priority. Do you need help with this? Then we offer coaching on many fronts, including matters that are not directly related to work.

Belsimpel University

Improving every day is part of what we do, and that includes your continued development as an individual. Think of training courses, our own Belsimpel Library, and University colleges.


Not only do you get a discount if you buy something from us, for yourself, friends, or family, but we also have deals with several nice companies in the area.

Smart services

Is your bike broken? Then you not only get a discount at the repair shop around the corner, but you can also temporarily borrow a Belsimpel bicycle. You can receive and return packages at work. Do you often have to make calls for work? Then you get the right bundle for it. And much more.

Fanatical athletes

Fanaticism is in our blood and not only on the work floor. Join the free bootcamp every week or hire a space paid for by belsimpel to work out with your team!

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