At Belsimpel, we develop everything in-house.

From the website to the warehouse system, from our CRM system to the spin-offs of Belsimpel.

At Belsimpel, we build everything ourselves. Why do we do that? Because then we are not dependent on external parties and we can implement all the smart ideas we come up with ourselves in the systems we use. And, because it's much more fun to develop! This means that no bridge is too far for us and we can always set the course together with our own smart and fanatical colleagues. The dream for the future? That is clear: conquering the mobile world.

Our teams

Within all teams at Belsimpel, you work with like-minded, smart colleagues, so you can continuously learn from each other and get energy from working together. Each team builds a different product. In which team you end up? We determine that together and it is never fixed for the future. It may well be that you are involved in more than one team at the same time, or that you will eventually move to another team. We do not work with fixed job profiles, but we make sure you get a job that really suits you. But which teams are there?

Think of a team that builds our own warehouse system, this warehouse is also in the office where you work, so by taking ten steps you can see your own change. Then there is our own CRM system, in which hundreds of colleagues work and millions of customer orders are processed. And, of course, the websites, which we improve every day and which are also viewed by XX visitors a day. Besides that there is the app team, which is building the Belsimpel app that is not only about sales, but also gives customers insight into the usage and the smartphone that is in their possession. We also have our own HR system and last but not least a data driven development team that makes sure we can be found online, which is no luxury in the e-commerce sector.

Finally, there are not only teams that fall under Belsimpel, but there are also two spin-offs: Tulip Assist and Verifai. Tulip Assist is our own insurance company, for which there is of course a website. Then there is Verifai, our own id-verification software, made with the help of machine learning and neural networks, among other things.

Belsimpel = 555 phones × 473 contracts × 65 bundles = plenty of choice

And that is why we build everything ourselves.

Meet some of our developers

Our team consists of a mix of smart, studying, recently graduated, and very experienced developers who have been with us for years. Most of our colleagues have done a technical study and have made their hobby into their job at Belsimpel.

Are you joining our team? We love new colleagues! Your positive, critical view and spirit will keep us sharp so we can become even better.

Meet our Developers



The moment Belsimpel had outgrown Jeroen and Jeroen's student room, I became a developer at That was also the moment that the decision was made to manage the code in-house. I knew Jeroen from university and the interview consisted of a cup of coffee, after which I started working in the development 'department'. It started with creating and maintaining the first website, but the projects and tasks grew along with the company. Today, we are also responsible for the software for the warehouse, customer service, connection desk, financial department, and more! The most enjoyable are projects such as the stock and warehouse system: these are projects that we have created, implemented, and later expanded ourselves. Here you can clearly see that value is added to the company! Besides my work at, I sometimes spend time at home doing geeky projects. From software projects to learn new languages to automating parts of my house, useful or not. The hobby sometimes gives us good ideas that we can apply at and vice versa I can apply the pool table skills I learn at in the pub :)


Front-end Developer

I'm Ruben Langius, front-end developer at Belsimpel. I've been working at Belsimpel for 3 years now. It started as a part-time job next to my Artificial Intelligence study, and now I have been working fulltime for over a year. Besides being behind a computer a lot, I also like to be on the water. Sailing, surfing, wakeboarding, I like it all, as long as I don't have to swim. In my job, I develop all the pages that Belsimpel's customers have to deal with, together with my colleagues. The special thing about my job is that we build a website that is not only used by millions of visitors but also by hundreds of colleagues. From back office pages to a new feature on our product comparison pages, we do it all. At the end of 2020, we made the decision to convert our website to a new modern architecture in which we use React to build our website from standardised components. This is something we are still working on today, and I have been involved in it from the beginning. It is very nice to see the results of this new architecture now, and to be able to validate and possibly revise the choices that were made during development.


Front-end Developer

I am Niels, Front-end Developer at In my function, I ensure that customers can navigate the site as smoothly as possible and that the most important information is communicated to them in a clear manner. I do this, among other things, by optimising the site for display on different screen resolutions. I am also responsible for the emails you receive during the ordering process and the automatically generated PDFs, such as contracts and invoices. In 2013 I finished my studies Brand & Design Management and after that I started looking for interesting job opportunities. On the site of I saw the vacancy for Front-end Developer, and after a successful job interview I started working there. Since I started working at, I have done many different projects, but the most fun and impressive project is the transition to the responsive website. In a few months time we rebuilt the entire front of, where everything had to work properly on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. In my spare time I also like to be creative, sometimes with my own sites, but also with photography, drawing, and writing. Besides that, I love series and films, and I listen to a lot of music. The latter also at the office, by the way. Just put on your headphones and go.


Back-end Developer

Hi, I'm Marc, back-end developer at Belsimpel. I'm part of our operational development team. We mainly deal with our in-house developed back office, called Alice. In particular, I work a lot on the warehousing-related code which has to do with stock, order picking and packing, and things like the purchase of products. I also work a lot within the financial parts of our system, which have to do with invoicing or processing purchase discounts, for example. I joined Belsimpel in mid-2018 via a former Computing Science student who already worked here. The first contact was through him, a few days later I could drop by for coffee with Jeroen and a week later I was already at work. The fast-track approach and informal atmosphere really appealed to me then and it still does to this day. The great thing about Belsimpel is that you are a full member of the team from day one. This means that the adjustments to the codebase have a direct impact on systems that many colleagues use and that are of direct benefit to customers. That is great fun and sometimes also a bit nerve-racking. In my spare time I try to do sports regularly, indoor football and cycling (if the weather is nice). I also enjoy playing board games and chess in small groups. Besides that, I am fairly busy with politics in the evenings, but gaming on a free evening is certainly not unpleasant either. I like to make nice long trips and sometimes organise trips for groups of friends, skiing holidays for example. I get a lot of energy from bringing people together and making them happy. A bit like what we do at Belsimpel!

This is how we work

The team meets weekly in a team meeting to discuss the progress of current projects. Wishes for new features by both the developers and the product owners are put forward. The technical colleagues are responsible for this and the product owner supports and coordinates this meeting by linking all features to the objectives of Belsimpel. Everyone is listened to and we see which ideas have the greatest leverage, so we can determine how best to proceed. We actively save good ideas that we don't get around to now for later, so that no input is ever lost. We implement it together, chop up the development layers, so that we can quickly help our millions of visitors with small improvements. Because we do not work in sprints, but release several times a day, you will see your work online the very same day.

From the first day of Belsimpel's existence, we have built everything ourselves, but if you are afraid of a rotten foundation that you cannot replace, you are wrong. The codebase has changed dramatically in many places over the years and we are certainly willing to rebuild if we decide together that this is necessary. We also spend a lot of time on staying up-to-date and using new techniques. Some of the things we do are so new that we really pioneer solutions. This allows you to become a real specialist in the project you are working on, so you can really get to grips with it.

What do we work with? We use several tools, including PHP, Docker, MariaDB, Galera, ElasticSearch, Redis, Vue, Laravel, React, and many more.

17 million unique combinations of phones, contracts, and bundles

That doesn't fit into a Magento or Microsoft solution :)

Who are we looking for?

There are some things that are important to us, that you are smart and positive, for example. Have you just graduated or are you still studying? Then we have lots of projects for you to develop step by step and there are always enough experienced colleagues to give you the right guidance. Even if you are just starting out, you will be given a lot of responsibility, because we believe that this is how you learn fastest. For developers with a lot of experience, we also have the most challenging projects. The question is not whether we can stimulate you with cool projects, but more whether you can handle it.

Sufficient challenge & guidance

As a new colleague, you will always have your own projects and a permanent supervisor. This way, you can focus and you know that there is always someone you can ask. We also offer various internal training courses to develop your professional skills.

A pleasant working atmosphere where you can be yourself

At Belsimpel, there is plenty of room to do your own thing in the way you like it. We like to have lunch together, but if you'd like a moment to yourself then that's totally fine. If you like to socialise in the form of a game night or a drink, we facilitate this on a regular basis. This way you can get to know your own team better as well as people from other teams!

The right equipment

With us, you don't have to fiddle around on a 15-inch laptop, but instead get three monitors and all the extra gear you need to do your job well.

Will you go above and beyond with us?

Check out all the development vacancies here!