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Operational teams

This department is divided into several teams that are involved in the order processing process, meaning that their actions have a direct effect on the customer's order.

Team Customer Service

Team Klantenservice

The largest team within Belsimpel. Here, customers can order something, but also ask any questions they may have. We don't work with targets or bonuses, so our colleagues can provide each customer with honest and objective advice.

Team Subscriptions

Team Abonnementen

As soon as the customer has ordered a contract, our subscriptions team checks whether all the documents are in order and makes sure that everything is arranged administratively with the provider.

Team Shipping & Delivery

Team Verzenden en Bezorgen

Is the order ready to be sent? Then these colleagues pack the order and make sure it is shipped the same day. Orders placed before 23:30 will be delivered the next day!

Team Return & Repairs

Team Retour en Reparatie

Does the customer want to exchange their product or is there an unfortunate problem? Then the package arrives here and the team provides the best possible solution.

Team Stores

Team Winkels

Throughout the country, there are seven physical stores where our customers can go with all their questions or to place an order. This team also works without targets or bonuses, so the customer always receives reliable advice.

Supporting teams

The operational teams would not be able to function without the efforts of these teams, which are all specialists in their own fields.

Team Development

Team Zoekmachine Optimalisatie

Within development, there are a great many teams, each of which builds its own product. Our programmers make everything themselves, which is quite unique. Think of the website and the Belsimpel app, but also of the systems you will be working in, from the order system at Customer Service to the warehouse system at Shipping & Delivery. Want to know more? Check out the page about Development

Team Data Science

Team Data Driven

To optimise everything, from marketing to business processes, we analyse a lot of data. An e-commerce company like Belsimpel has an abundance of data and we can do extremely smart things with it. Think about the optimisation of Google Adwords or doing churn analyses.

Team System Management

Team systeembeheer Team systeembeheer

They make sure that our servers are up and running day and night, all customers can reach us, and our colleagues' computers and accounts work. IT problem? They fix it!

Team Business Development

Team Business Development Team Business Development

Business processes need to be constantly optimised in a fast growing company like Belsimpel, and that is where the Business Development department takes over. Think about making the teams more efficient, like implementing new machines at Shipping & Delivery, but also about the expansion abroad, for example!

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Team Finance

Team Controlling Team Controlling

The controllers within this team are responsible for the financial health of Belsimpel. They draw up the annual accounts, balance sheet, and profit and loss account, and ensure that the financial administration is balanced. Of course, this is only possible if the accounting is in perfect order, for which the administration team is responsible.

Team Purchase

Team Inkoop Producten team Inkoop Producten

All those smartphones, headsets, screen protectors, and even the office supplies have to be purchased, of course. The Purchasing team is responsible for this. They buy dozens of products every day and the process can almost be compared to stock exchange trading, they don't have 6 computer screens for nothing! Besides purchasing, they also take care of sales to business partners, who sometimes buy hundreds of products from us at the same time.

Team Marketing

Team Brand

Marketing consists of several teams, each with their own expertise. Think of making our own commercials, in which our own colleagues appear, in our own studio, filmed by our own video team. From making marketing arrangements with partners such as providers and manufacturers, to analysing online Google ads. Also putting online the assortment of phones, contracts, and accessories that always have to be correct on our website.

Team HRM

Team Werving en Selectie

The entire administration around the colleagues who work at Belsimpel is taken care of by team HRM. They make sure that your contract is in order, but also handle it if you are ill, for example. Team Recruitment and Selection, probably the first team you'll come in contact with, makes sure our vacancies are promoted well and they are the first to talk to you if you decide to apply. They only take on the very best talents!

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Team Secretariat

Team Secretariaat

In a fast-growing company, we work efficiently and a lot has to be arranged. For example, the secretarial team plans meetings and is responsible for managing Jeroen's and Jeroen's agenda.

Team Maintenance

Team Beheer Team Beheer

The facilities team takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of our office on the Grote Markt and in the stores. It also includes the Bar Team and Activity Team, because we think doing fun things together is extremely important! For example, every Friday the bar team serves drinks behind our own bar in the canteen (with roof terrace) and almost every month our activities team organises fun events.

Team Store Support

Team Winkelsupport

The seven stores are supported by a small team that is based in the office. They coordinate this, ensure together with the shop colleagues that improvements are implemented in all stores, and arrange things like the stock that must be available per store.

So, as you've noticed, there are lots of different teams, all of which are related to each other in some way. And all with one common goal, to change the mobile world.

Within each department there are several smaller teams, each with its own expertise. All these teams differ in size, but what they have in common is that they are almost all a mix of experienced colleagues, colleagues who have just graduated, and colleagues who work at Belsimpel as a side job. This way there is a lot to learn from each other.


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