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Team Customer Service

When customers have questions or are in need of advice when choosing their new phone – the Customer Service Team will help them out. Our team of over 90 specialists are ready for our customers every day, both by phone and by email.

Team Shipping & Delivery

Once you've placed your order, our specialists of the Shipping & Delivery Team ensure it gets to your door as soon as possible. They carefully package and ship your order. They are the ones who fulfil our 'order by 23.30, delivered the next day' promise every day.

Team Subscriptions

Number porting, ensuring your phone plan starts on the right date and connecting you to the right provider: the Phone Plan Team specialists make sure your transition to a new provider is as smooth as possible.

Team Returns & Repairs

Decided you want a different colour after all? Or maybe a different model all-together? The Returns & Repairs Team specialists are ready to process your returned orders. Thanks to their technical know-how, they are also capable of solving technical problems.

Team Stores

Do you want to hold your phone before you buy it, or do you prefer face-to-face contact? Our seven stores spread throughout the Netherlands are staffed by our Store Specialists who would love to help you.

Team Store Support

The Store Support Team supports our stores from our headquarters in Groningen. They are the direct line between our main office and the stores and they also ensure that our stores are able to provide perfect service to our customers.

Office Management

Team Office Management

Did your chair break, is the door handle loose or does the toilet seat need to be fixed? The Office Management Team will take care of that! They are here to support the rest of the teams, allowing them to do their jobs to their full potential.

Team System Management

Everything with a cable is taken care of by our System Management team. They are responsible for ensuring that all of our equipment is up and running all the time.


Team Apps

Apps team

The App-team designs and develops Belsimpel's revolutionary apps for Android & iOS which enable us to improve the mobile world.

Team Back-end Development

Here at we develop everything ourselves. This includes the front and back-end of our website, as well as the processes and systems behind the scenes. Our back-end developers form the backbone of our company.

Team Front-end Development

The Front-End Development Team develops and designs cool new features for They're supported by our in-house developed a/b testing system. The goal is to create a user-friendly and efficient website for both PC, tablet and mobile use.

Team DevOps

We want to be able to provide our service to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is exactly what our DevOps team enables. They maintain Belsimpel's giant server cluster to make sure we're always online.

Team Website Optimisation

How do our customers respond to our website? Do they know where to find what they were looking for? This team optimises our website for our customers, making it more intuitive and user friendly.

Team Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines like Google are one of the most important sources of traffic for our website. This is why we want to be at the top of the list of results whenever potential customers search for phones, phone plans, tablets and more!

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Business Development

Team Business Development

Our Business Development Team works on improving every aspect of our company. They analyse existing processes and look for points of improvement. They also develop (new) products and services, like our own Tulip Assist Insurance or our No-Fuss Contracts service.

Team International dreams of conquering the European telecom market. Our International Team focuses their efforts on realising this dream. They are the ones doing market research and contacting foreign parties. Moreover, they translate our site content.


Team Finance Administration

The Finance Administration Team ensures that our bookkeeping is always spic-and-span en makes sure we pay our bills in time.

Team Finance Control

This team is composed of several Controllers who take care of's financial health. They create our annual financial statements, our balance sheet and our profit and loss account.

HR & Secretarial Services

Team HR Administration

All of our colleagues' personal details are managed by our HR Administration Team. They know exactly who our colleagues are and always have the right information at hand.

Team Recruitment

If you apply for a position at, you will get to meet our Recruiting & Selection team. They ensure our company has enough specialists in every team and keep on the lookout for hidden talent within our organisation. They are also the ones who put on the map as an employer.

Team Secretarial

Our secretaries support Jeroen, Jeroen and many other colleagues. They plan meetings, receive partners and visitors and create files, amongst other tasks.


Team Procurement Products

Do we have the new iPhone in stock? Are our customers getting the best deals? The Product Purchasing Team ensures our warehouse is well-stocked and keeps an eye on its prices.

Team Procurement Supplies

The buyers on our Supplies Purchasing Team ensure our office is well-stocked with office supplies, from coffee to paper – they take care of it all!

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Team Brand Management

Our Brand Management Team directs their efforts towards creating and nurturing the brand. They think of new ways to introduce Belsimpel to our customers and ensure that the right tone-of-voice reaches our customers.

Team Category Management Subscriptions

These specialists know everything there is to know about phone plans and bundles. They take care of our phone plan combinations and ensure our customers get the best deals.

Team Category Management Products

How many megapixels does the camera have? Does this phone have a high-end processor? Our device specialists are passionate about phones. They make sure we have the best phones in stock, provide descriptions for them and double check all of their specifications.

Team Creative

These creative colleagues take care of our visual identity. Our website, promotion material and television commercials; it's all part of their vision. Our Creative Team create the stunning look of our company.

Team Video

Maybe you've seen one of our videos before. There are multiple on this website that highlight our part-time and full-time positions. The Video Team produces all the necessary video images for television and the website.

Team Customer Journey

Our Customer Journey Team takes care of the entire customer journey. From browsing to placing your order; the entire journey is well-analysed. How can we keep our customer up to date? What does the customer want to know at each step of the way? These specialists are tasked with finding out.

Team Data Driven

The online marketing of is taken care of by our Data Driven Team. These data specialists advertise via different channels, allowing everyone to find their way to our website. They also analyse our campaigns and know exactly how to connect the dots between different data sets.

Team Marketing Planning & Execution

The Marketers on our Marketing Planning & Execution Team take care of the planning and execution of all our marketing activities. TV commercials and weekly news letters are just some of the things they are responsible for.

Team Editing, Social Media & PR

The Editing, Social Media & PR Team keeps an eye on the latest news in the world of telecom. They also keep in touch with our customers via our social media channels and send out press releases.

High Potential

Here at, we believe we all benefit when you are able to develop yourself personally and professionally. This is why we offer you the option of developing your own talents within our organisation. Are you ready to go the extra mile? Then our Traineeship programme may be just what you're looking for.

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