At, we give you the chance to develop your own talents. That's why we offer traineeships alongside our regular internships, which are perfect for ambitious, talented people who are looking to go the extra mile.

High Potential

Did you just graduate and are you looking to kickstart your career? Or are you unsure about which department is the right one for you? A traineeship lets you be part of an ambitious team from day 1, but you'll still have enough room to find out what you're passionate about. This makes it the perfect transition from your student years to a successful full-time career.

At, you can enrol in different tracks: Data Science, E-commerce Management, Marketing and Development. Some parts of the tracks overlap, like the intervision counselling groups and the joint start. However, ultimately, you will specialise in a particular field that you are passionate about.

Data Science

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E-commerce Management

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What are we about?

Surrounded by talent

Multidisciplinary teams

Intervision counselling groups

Career counselling

Great job opportunities

As part of your track, you will work in various relevant departments. This way, you will gain a lot of experience in different positions. You will also get to know us and yourself better. Under constant supervision from your coach, you dive right in. We don't believe in a 'dip your toe in the water' approach. Instead, your ideas and input are highly appreciated. Two minds know more than one! Every two weeks, you will meet up with your coach to discuss the week, your progress and plans for the upcoming week. Your coach knows all about your personal goals and helps you to achieve these with ease.

Besides your daily tasks, you will be trained by experts in certain skills, such as leadership, external relations management and self-efficacy. You will get to know the company via introductions on the history and company DNA, and you can join our weekly drinks and regular activities.

Finished you traineeship? always has challenging job positions to offer due to our extensive growth. If you did well on your traineeship a nice position is in of our teams will be the most likely follow-up.

If you grow, we grow together

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Who are we looking for?

To successfully complete a traineeship at, enthusiasm and drive are vital. You are an enterprising person who likes tackling challenges. You strongly value a steep learning curve, and enjoyment in your work is high on your professional bucket list. You work well in a team, as this is the best way to achieve optimal results. You want to make a difference every day.

Get to know the different teams


Data Driven


Business Development


Marketing Planning & Execution


Back-end Development

Application procedure Traineeship

1. Application

You upload your CV, fill out the questions and press send. Exciting! Let's hope for the best.

2. Phone interview

Great, you get a call from our Recruiter, who has a few more questions for you. You also plan your first interview.

3. Primary interview

You get your first look at the inside of the headquarters. Can you see yourself working here? Do we? Let's find out!

4. Assessment (optional)

Depending on the position you're applying for, we will assess the skills you're going to need.

5. Secondary interview

Still in the running? Come on over for another interview with our founders Jeroen & Jeroen.

6. Contract proposal

We'd love for you to join our team! Do you feel the same way?

7. Employment

Fantastic! It's official. Welcome to the family.

Will you go above and beyond with us?

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