Our Traineeships

Belsimpel is well on its way to changing the mobile world. Do you want to contribute as soon as possible and develop your talents with a steep learning curve? Then our Traineeship might be something for you! We offer various tracks for ambitious talents who want to go the extra mile.

Smart and fanatical

During the Traineeship, you will get the opportunity to develop yourself and get to know Belsimpel better. Do you know what kind of organisation you want to work for, but not yet where your talent can be put to the best use? No problem at all, because during the Traineeship you will get all the space you need to discover where your qualities lie. We set the bar high, we always aim for a 9 and will always challenge you. Does this not scare you off? Then the Traineeship is for you.

At Belsimpel we offer different Traineeships. Regardless of what you choose, your personal development is central. The Traineeship is not set in stone. We make sure that you are trained in areas that suit you and the job.

In which role do you start?

During the application process, we will work with you to find the position that suits you best. In this position, you will count as a full-fledged colleague from day one. This way, you will quickly gain a lot of experience and get to know us and yourself better. Hopping from team to team is not the intention of the Traineeship, we want you to become a specialist in your own field and this is only possible by really going in-depth. So first of all, we pay as much attention as possible to shaping your role, so that you are in the right place. Still curious about what the other teams do and whether you are really in the right position? During the Traineeship, you will be given the opportunity to join a team meeting from another team or spend a day with an operational team. Your position will also be shaped as you go along. So where you start is not necessarily where you will continue - and certainly not where you will end up.

When we grow, you grow with us

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Guidance & Training

At Belsimpel, you will quickly be given many responsibilities and new tasks, but you will certainly not be thrown in at the deep end. You will always be assigned an experienced colleague with whom you will regularly discuss your progress and who you can consider to be your coach. Besides that, you will have several opportunities to discuss with other trainees what you are struggling with or to exchange tips. This will take place in intervision meetings, but also on your own initiative in between or during training sessions.

With training, you will develop the knowledge and skills you need to really step up your game within the team you work in. One of our most important training programmes is about working in a smart way, where you become an expert in working efficiently and and you will learn how to keep stress at bay. This is an extremely important training that will lay the foundation for the rest of your professional career. Mastering this at the highest level will make you fundamentally a star performer in the field of structure and efficiency.

Depending on the Traineeship you are going to follow, there are many more training programmes. Think of extensive training to develop your conversation skills, training on and how to deal with difficult situations in the workplace, but also compliance training. Our training programmes are constantly evolving and new training courses are added every year. Getting to know our culture is the common thread running through the Traineeship. All the components reflect what we find important and let you experience how we treat each other.

Surrounded by talent


Intervision groups

Training & Guidance

Become a specialist


The Traineeship is tailor-made for you. This means that we will always remain in contact with you during the Traineeship and look at your qualities and preferences. And have you completed the two years? Then we will look together at how we can make the period after the Traineeship as challenging as possible by going deeper in your role or possibly in another role. We look at what you like to do and what you are good at. With the growth that Belsimpel is experiencing, there are a lot of opportunities.

Who are we looking for?

You completely comply with the Belsimpel DNA: you are smart, positive, extremely fanatical, and also possess a large dose of common sense. Whether you are from Groningen or not. As long as you have the right drive and enthusiasm, you can learn and contribute a lot in the Traineeship. A steep development curve and enjoying your work are high on your professional bucket list. Besides that, you need to be able to work well in a team, to work towards the optimal result. You want to make a difference every day.

Will you change the mobile world with us?

For the job requirements, look at the specific Traineeship vacancy. The application process for our traineeships is the same as for other full-time positions within Belsimpel. Do you want to know more about this?

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