Data Science track

Do you like spending your days working with Excel and do big sets of data send your heart racing? In that case, our Data Science traineeship is right up your alley! During your two year traineeship, you'll become a skilful data scientist. You'll work with experienced Data Science colleagues, who will make sure you'll get to know all the tricks of the trade in no-time.

Our website offers our customers a plethora of options: they can choose from approximately 555 phones, 473 phone plans and 65 bundles. Additionally, there's the thousands of people who visit our website on the daily, and we haven't even mentioned all the different accessories our customers can order. On top of that, there's our customer service team, who stay in contact with our customers, and thus generate even more data, every single day. As you can imagine, this means we've got a huge amount of data, offering a wide range of information. As a Data Science team member, you're taking on the challenge to tackle this enormous dataset.

You'll be learning your way around the newest tools for data analysis, so you'll get the hang of analysing data down to even the smallest details. Being a trainee at means you'll get to work hands on with data from day one. During your traineeship, you'll be working with three different teams: Data Driven, Search Engine Optimisation and Business Development. In between these segments, there's time for evaluations, so you'll have a solid basis to start the next phase of your traineeship.

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Month 1 through 6

Online Marketing

Month 7 through 12

Business Processes

Month 12 through 24

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