Development track

Do you enjoy programming, and are you an incredibly capable programmer at that? Want to turn your passion into a job? In that case, we've got the perfect opportunity for you: a Development traineeship, offering you the chance to learn everything about programming. Whether you’re a back-end, front-end, or full stack dev doesn't matter. Depending on your skillset and interests, we'll be tailoring a traineeship just for you, where you'll get the chance to experience many different aspects of being a developer. Throughout your traineeship you'll become a true all-round developer, and figure out exactly what side of developing you enjoy most.

Every 6 months, we're introducing you to a new area of Development. You'll be tackling both the front- and back-end of our website during your time with the Web Development team. Next, you're on to the App development team. Then, you'll be working with our DevOps team in maintaining our servers and platforms. Finally, you'll be rounding off your traineeship with our Operations Development team, which means getting your hands on all the systems used by your colleagues. Needless to say, there's plenty to discover and learn!

Our developers work with several different programming languages, but we value skills, intelligence and enthusiasm more than prior knowledge. Our team is both smart and diverse; it features both talented, freshly graduated devs as well as incredibly experienced developers. You'll be guided by your development colleagues and figure out the tricks of the trade in no-time. You'll get personally involved in our projects starting from day one, as a hands-on approach is the best way to learn. As all our developers have their own programming environment, you'll also get plenty of room for your own ideas.

What will your Development Traineeship look like?

Web Development

Month 1 through 6

App Development

Month 7 through 12


Month 13 through 18

Operations Development

Month 19 through 24

Will you go above and beyond with us?

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