E-commerce Management track

Is operational management your passion, and are you curious to find out whether you're a born leader? If that's the case, our E-commerce Management traineeship is exactly your cup of tea. During your Belsimpel.nl traineeship, we'll be getting you up to speed on all the tricks of the trade regarding leadership and change management. You'll also be getting your hands dirty in order to lead by example.

During your first year, you'll be trained to become the team lead for one of our operational teams. You'll rise through the ranks in no-time, and continuously be provided with new tasks, responsibilities and challenges. Your area of expertise will expand almost weekly, and your experienced colleagues are there to teach you all the ins and outs of team leadership. After your first 6 months with Belsimpel.nl, you'll be leading your own team, and when your two-year traineeship ends, you'll ideally manage your own team as a Belsimpel.nl team lead.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge and lift Belsimpel.nl while you climb? Starting on day one, you'll go hands on with lots of challenging situations, instead of standing by as a mere onlooker. In addition to supervising your very own team, you'll become an expert in change management. With our best and most experienced colleagues as your guides, you'll set up your own project to improve Belsimpel.nl and frequently get to work together with our founders, Jeroen & Jeroen.

What will your E-commerce Management Traineeship look like?

Start out in one of our operational teams

Month 1 through 6

Lead by example and guide your own team

Month 7 through 12

Move on to the next team and take on a change management challenge

Month 13 through 24

Will you go above and beyond with us?

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