Marketing track

Want to explore all the ins and outs of marketing? Apply for our Marketing traineeship! You'll be trained extensively in many different areas, such as data marketing, strategic marketing and social media marketing. Throughout your traineeship you'll get to know all the different marketing teams working for, and you'll be trained in all aspects marketing has to offer. You'll be joining four different teams during your time at Marketing Planning & Execution, Brand Management, Social Media & PR and Data Driven Marketing.

Marketing covers a broad range of facets, and is one of the main causes behind the success of This is why we have several different teams, each with their own expertise, who work together to complete the big picture. As a Marketing trainee, you'll get to know with all these different aspects, and end up a Marketing marvel. You'll work with our marketing specialists, which means you're getting an insider’s perspective on the job and you'll get down to the nitty gritty of marketing in no-time. A Marketing traineeship at also means you'll be an active marketing team member starting from day one. In our opinion, a hands-on approach is the best way to learn.

Within the Marketing Planning & Execution team, you'll be dealing with all of's ATL-marketing. This means staying in touch with huge organisations, such as RTL, Q-Music and STER. During your time with the Brand Management team, you're taking on our Brand positioning and development. Then, as its name implies, working in the Social Media & PR team means boosting our online visibility, not only on social media, but also through our many PR connections. And finally, you're joining the team for Data Driven Marketing. Here, you'll get to dive into the magical world of advertising on Facebook and Google. Your input will be used to level up the way we advertise on these platforms. After getting down to business with each of these teams, you'll know exactly what facet of marketing makes your heart beat just that little bit faster.

What will your Marketing Traineeship look like?

Marketing Planning & Execution

Month 1 through 6

Brand Management

Month 7 through 12

Social Media & PR

Month 13 through 18

Data Driven Marketing

Month 19 through 24

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