Software Architect (NL/EN)

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Software Architect

Design the software that will help us grow.

Fulltime | 32-40 hours per week | HQ Groningen

Design and develop the foundation of our future.

You build the foundations of all our systems and work on important code. You see the bigger picture and think of long-term solutions: you know exactly what effects today’s decisions have for the future. As a Software Architect, you are an indispensable part of our company.

What do you do as Software Architect?

As a Software Architect at Belsimpel, you form one of the most vital parts of our back-end development team. We build all of our software ourselves, which is where you come in. You are tasked with building the foundation of many projects involving our systems. This means that you are responsible for designing and developing the backbone of our company. You work in close contact with your fellow developers and Jeroen & Jeroen, which allows you to do your job without administrative hurdles. This way, your input actively helps steer the direction of Belsimpel.

Every day, you work to optimise Belsimpel and the back-office systems in terms of performance and speed. You have a mental blueprint of their structures and adopt an object-oriented work method. You work on important, structurally used code, meaning that our future is both literally and figuratively at your fingertips. Besides daily contact with your fellow developers and Jeroen & Jeroen, your work also impacts the daily operations of hundreds of colleagues; both at our headquarters in the city centre of Groningen and in our stores throughout the country.

You have a clear view of the future and are always thinking about the long-term consequences of your decisions. Your efforts will allow Belsimpel to transition seamlessly into the international market: thanks to your work, scalability and multilingualism won’t be a problem. You can break down and rebuild our systems mentally in your mind and see how any changes might affect future developments. 

Our team

Our developers are second to none. What we do is extremely complex; we are by no means system integrators. That is why our team is composed of a mix of intelligent colleagues who graduated recently and highly experienced developers who have been with us for years. Most of your colleagues have technical degrees and have turned their passion into a full-time career at Belsimpel.

Will you join our team? We love new colleagues! Your critical but respectful eye and spirit keep us alert so we can improve daily. 

This is how we work

Our current team consists of about 50 developers who work on different projects in smaller teams. Besides our weekly general meetings in which we sketch the outlines of our projects, you attend team meetings to discuss the finer details of your current project(s). Meanwhile, you are in close contact with our business developers to translate issues from other departments within the organisation into excellent programming solutions.

Important decisions are made together by mutual agreement. Development is one of the core positions within Belsimpel and the most important driver of our growth performance as a company. There is no middle layer; Jeroen & Jeroen are present at all meetings concerning important decisions. No office politics, no project managers who don’t understand the business or technologies, no frustration.

You work on your own code independently, but you also work together a lot. Your fellow developers review your code and you review theirs. You are able to be critical, while maintaining a respectful attitude. This way, we keep up a high standard of work whilst picking up valuable knowledge along the way. We push several releases each day. Is your code going live? You are responsible for your own releases, but colleagues are always willing to help if something goes wrong. Constantly putting out your colleagues’ fires is not part of the job description.

Notice something that could be improved? We’re open to change. Got an idea to make a piece of back-end code more efficient? We’re not afraid to throw out heritage code. Do you have ideas on improving the front-end? If so, we’ll add your ideas to the a/b test queue.

We work with a variety of tools, including AWS, Trello, NGIX, PHP7 and Galero. You won’t be squinting at a 15” laptop screen. Instead, you have three displays and all the other necessary gear at your disposal to get some serious work done. 

What do we offer?

Plenty of growth opportunities

Make a difference from day 1

The best gear

There are no half measures at Belsimpel

Unique work atmosphere

Weekly socials and activities

Located in the city centre

Ride your bike to the office

Who are you?

We are looking for bright and passionate colleagues. We expect you to be an incredibly competent programmer, which is why we do not require a lot of prior knowledge of the programming languages we use daily. If you are highly capable, you’ll master these in no time. If you are smart, critical yet respectful and enjoy creating complex systems that impact the user-experiences of hundreds of thousands of customers and a team of hundreds of colleagues, we are looking for you to join our team!

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