Master Thesis Computing Science

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Master Thesis Computing Science

University of Groningen – Belsimpel.

Computing Science MSc thesis at Belsimpel | Head office Groningen

A challenging final project with impact!

Are you looking for a final project that will actually be used and that benefits many people? Belsimpel has got you covered! Here, you won’t work on simple projects that have been lying around for ages. You’ll start working on a project of your own that’s important and has lots of impact on our customers or your colleagues.

Your project

We always have multiple interesting projects ready to start. The one you’ll be working on? We’ll discuss that later. The telecom market is very competitive and complex, which is why we’ve decided to build everything ourselves. This doesn’t just apply to the website that is viewed by millions of visitors every month, but we also built our own warehouse system, as well as a CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) and our own ABS (A/B testing system). We built all of these systems inhouse, without 3rd party software! Besides, these systems are used by your Belsimpel colleagues, so you can see if they work well in practice.

Would you like to work on one of these projects and make important improvements? Or does your heart and strength lie with one of our two successful spinoffs? One is Verifai, which consists of advanced ID Verification software, and the other is our own insurance Tulip Assist. One thing is certain: Belsimpel can offer you the challenge you’re looking for! 

What does graduating at Belsimpel look like?

At Belsimpel, we believe it’s important to keep improving ourselves and, with Belsimpel’s constant changes and growth, that’s quite a challenge. That’s why we always have interesting projects you can work on. Together, we will find a project that suits you. Good to know: together, we will make sure that you will work on a project that meets the requirements from the RuG, including the research element. Several Computing Science students from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen have already graduated with us!

We’ll discuss your project and ambitions in more detail with your supervisor before you start . This way, everything is clear for you, for us, and for the university, and you are off to a smooth and quick start. During the course of your research, you will receive support from smart team members and you’ll have access to all the information you need. At Belsimpel, you’ll be working from day 1, so you won’t spend all your time watching others work. This way, you can really make a difference! If both you and Belsimpel are satisfied with your work here, you can continue working at Belsimpel in our Development team after your final project. Of course, we also offer excellent internship pay.

Our Team

Our team now consists of over 60 intelligent developers. The things we do are very complex; we are no system integrator. That’s why we have a mix of skilled students, recently graduated colleagues, and very experienced developers that have been working here for years. Most colleagues have completed technical studies, and have turned their hobby into work at Belsimpel.

Room for talent

 Experience the process from A tot Z

Lots of career opportunities

Hard work never goes unnoticed

Guidance and support

Learn from experienced colleagues

Unique work atmosphere

Drinks and activities every week

Who are you?

We are looking for smart and fun colleagues. We assume you’re a good programmer and that’s why we don’t think prior knowledge of the programming languages we use is important. If you’re good, you’ll get the hang of things soon enough. Are you smart and critical, do you have a positive attitude, and do you like creating beautiful things that affect hundreds of thousands of customers and a team of hundreds of employees? Then you’re the one we’re looking for!