DevOps Engineer (NL/EN)

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DevOps Engineer (NL/EN)

Join us in revolutionising the telecom world by keeping everything up and running behind the scenes.

Full-time | HQ Groningen

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A fast release cycle has several specific challenges such as confidence in good code thanks to an extensive release line, a good system to launch multiple releases per day, dependency management, and more! But what use are releases if the system doesn't work? So, system availability, high availability, and optimal use of our resources also fall within the work area of our 'DevOps' team.

What do you do as DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer, you are an expert in several areas. One of them is that you ensure that our development teams can work independently and quickly. Moreover, there must be sufficient Quality Assurances so that we can always put new code online with confidence. You do not distinguish between creating, testing and releasing, but you really work according our DevOps method: together with the development teams.

In addition, you are indispensable in terms of structure: in the background, you ensure that the CI (unit testing, static analysis, codestyle fixing, security checks) runs smoothly, releases go smoothly, and rollbacks are possible. Even after implementation, you have an important role: how does the code really behave in the end? Profiling, stress testing, and support in finding out what is happening in the live environment: all in a days work.

Together with your team, you are also responsible for ensuring that our high-availability system runs smoothly, for which you are in charge of maintaining our own server park (in three different data centres) and optimising the configuration and architecture of this system. Our galera cluster runs on bare metal, many of the services run on VMs within proxmox, the elastic search cluster has many nodes and for caching we currently have Redis. These are just a few of the techniques. But also monitoring, resource management, performance profiling, and everything else that comes with it is part of your task package. And don't forget how everything comes together: how do our developers know what the impact of the changes will be on a local docker environment?

Within the team, it is not only important that you carry out tasks, but that you also find it interesting to think along pro-actively and find opportunities for improvement. In this way we can work together with all development teams on the very best code, the fastest feature changes, or automate the development process. Thanks to you, we do this in the most efficient way!

What your day could look like

It's nine o'clock and the team is sitting with a cup of steaming coffee ready for the daily short kick-off. What are we working on today and are we expecting any peculiarities? In the course of the morning, you will continue your project on speeding up our CI containers: that shared cache machine isn't quite doing its job. In between, Marc, your colleague from the web development team, will visit you. He asks if you can help him gain information about where most of the connections to the keyDB server come from so that they can implement a number of improvements. After you have helped Marc, you do the finishing touch on the cache machine; you think you have found the solution!

It is lunchtime. From your workplace you have a view of the Herestraat and you can see that today is a sunny winter's day. Together with Nanne and Jeroen you decide to get a warm sandwich at the fish market. After a tasty and filling lunch you check the performance of our database. Your direct colleague Arthur has put Galera-node in maintenance mode: we want to monitor this. In the meantime, you and Arthur check which updates need to be made to support the new PHP version. 

Next, you have a meeting about the bug that occurred last week in the code of our stock system: how come we hadn't noticed this? The expectation is that a number of tweaks to the static analyser and stricter test settings should prevent this in the future. You put this on your to-do in order to pick it up as soon as possible. You end your day by tweaking a number of Nagios reports. Because it has become busier again this year, the alerts for unexpected resource usage have to be sent later. The day has flown by and now it's time for the team outing you have planned today: will you be the laser gaming champion?

What do we offer?

Plenty of growth opportunties

Make a difference from day 1

Work in the city centre

Ride your bike to the office

The best gear.

No half measures at Belsimpel

Unique work atmosphere

Weekly socials and activities

Who are you?

We are looking for bright and passionate colleagues. We expect you to be a very intelligent programmer, which is why we do not require a lot of prior knowledge of the programming languages we use daily. If you are highly capable, you’ll master these in no time. If you are smart, critical yet respectful and enjoy creating complex systems that impact the user-experiences of hundreds of thousands of customers and a team of hundreds of colleagues, we are looking for you to join our team!