Front-end Developer (NL/EN)

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Front-end Developer (NL/EN)

Show off your efforts to millions of customers each year.

Fulltime | HQ Groningen

Develop, design and improve.

Our front-end developers form an active part in everything the customer gets to see. With 1.5 million price combinations, over three hundred phones and thousands of accessories, this can be quite the challenge!

English | Nederlands

What do you do as Front-end Developer?

As a Front-end Developer at Belsimpel, you have one of the most important jobs: you ensure that our million monthly visitors are able to intuitively find the information they were looking for by developing a user-friendly and responsive website. Whether they want to know about their order status or our current deals: our customers can thank your programming. You thrive on going above and beyond to create the best website possible.

Your influence on our website consists of many different elements. Your feedback on designs helps to create an intuitive and user-friendly website layout. Your designs and implementations of AB-tests result in higher conversions and satisfied customers. You have plenty of room to explore and experiment with different ideas and visions which enrich our communal database. You know from experience what the do’s and don’ts are for different browsers on desktops and mobile phones. It goes without saying that your code is top-notch, which is exactly why your colleagues can turn to you if they need feedback on theirs.

Your efforts aren’t just for the customer’s eyes, your colleagues see the results of your programming on their screens as well. You work on our own front-end framework for the back office system, allowing your back-end colleagues to seamlessly implement new features via plug-and-play. Thanks to you, customers are satisfied with the order process emails and automatically generated contracts that they receive with their orders.  As we have a lot of international colleagues in the Gomibo Group, the main language spoken in the development teams is English.

This is what your day may look like

Right after letting go of your power button, all your favourite software boots up automatically. You check your email and check into Sentry to see whether the Javascript monitoring has come up with any errors. Luckily, there’s none: a good start to your day! You start working on your code and have only just finished listening to the first couple of tracks in your favourite Spotify playlist when there’s a tap on your shoulder – it’s Jeroen reminding you of your team-meeting. During the meeting, you and your fellow developers discuss your current projects and possible ideas for new ones. After the meeting, it’s time to put on your headphones, crack your knuckles and get to work on the project you started yesterday. When lunch time rolls around you’ve already completed a few more commits in your branch. With your sandwich in one hand and your table tennis bat in the other, you have a close game of table tennis with Niels. In the afternoon, Stephan, the in-house designer, drops by your desk: new agreements have been made with a provider and our homepage needs a few tweaks to the interface. Half an hour later your code for the new format is ready for review. Your update passes the automatic tests with flying colours and you ask Nanne whether we can push the release. Your new format works just like expected and both Stephan and the provider are satisfied. Before you continue working on your own project, Jason asks you to review his code: it’s a big one, so it takes a while. You see a few lines of code that could use some tidying up and relay your feedback to him. Afterwards, you continue with your own update and before you know it it’s time to go home. You push your code to Gitlab and check your inbox for any last-minute emails. When you put on your coat you hear Niels call your name: the developers are having a drink in the cafeteria, want to join?

English | Nederlands

What do we offer?

Plenty of growth opportunities

Make a difference from day 1

Work in the city centre

Ride your bike to the office

Improve your (super)powers!

Learn from experienced colleagues

Unique work atmosphere

Weekly socials and activities

Who are you?

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery are second nature to you
  • Terms like Ajax, JSON and XML are familiar to you.
  • You have a sufficient grasp on PHP and SQL to know how this affects your front-end code.
  • You have a solid understanding of different browsers and have a passion for web development.
  • You know exactly how to technically optimise websites for SEO purposes.
  • Friends would describe you as inquisitive and a true team player.
  • Knowledge of and experience with version control systems like Git are a definite plus.

English | Nederlands

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