Software Engineer (NL/EN)

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Software Engineer (NL/EN)

Show off your efforts to millions of customers each year.

Fulltime | HQ Groningen

Develop software to change the mobile world!

You will develop the code for websites and systems that colleagues and customers can rely on. For this, you will actively think about the impact of everything you develop in the long term: how do we make everything as maintainable and scalable as possible?

What do you do as Software Developer?

As a Software Engineer at Belsimpel you will be a part of one of our highly motivated development teams. Each team works on its own projects. This can be the website, but also our warehouse system, or our own HR system. You will be working on the development, optimization, and implementation of features on a daily basis. We develop all the systems we work on ourselves, so that we can respond well to complex and challenging changes in the market. Programming is done in your own feature branch, or you work with several developers on a larger project in a team branch. You are also responsible for monitoring the work of your colleagues: You give code reviews of the work of your colleagues and receive code reviews of your work from them. In this way, we learn from each other every day and every day you write more efficient and neat, object-oriented code with a major impact on the entire organisation and all customers.

As a Software Engineer you are in close contact with the Product Owner of your project. Together with the Product Owner you look at which features need to be developed and how this should be done. You have a lot of say in this and we find it important that you think along with us critically. Do you foresee problems with a proposed feature? The Product Owner listens carefully to you and together you try to find a good solution. As a Software Engineer you are also part of the entire development team. You are a key figure in this, working together with colleagues from other development teams. 

Our team

Our teams consist of highly intelligent developers. The work is very complex as we need to develop systems that cannot be created by just using off-the-shelf or open-source software. We choose to develop in-house so that we have the knowledge, ability and flexibility to respond to market changes and opportunities as fast as possible

The teams consist of a mix of part-time students, recently graduated colleagues, and very experienced developers who have been working with us for years or have brought experience from other organisations. When you join us, you join one of our different development teams. Which team will that be exactly? We will determine that in consultation with you on the basis of your skills, fit, preferences, and where we need you the most. Would you like to to apply new techniques to our web framework? Or do you think we can make our Warehouse Management System (with which hundreds of thousands of orders are processed) even more efficient? Then you've come to the right place! At Belsimpel you can really make a difference. 

What your day could look like

You arrive at the front door of the office at the same time as Rutger, the Product Owner of the Website Optimisation team. You discuss how your weekend was and he tells you that he played board games. As you climb the stairs, you make plans together to organise a board games evening for colleagues, fun! You walk to the meeting room where you kick off the day together. You discuss with your colleagues what you are going to do today and a problem you encountered on Friday when making a link with an API of a new delivery service. Niels gives you good input and after the kick off you immediately start working on implementing this. On to the next ticket! This is a project to build new identification software into the ordering process. Koen, one of the Business Developers, has just explained this to you via email. Marc then asks you if you can review his merge request after lunch, so you write it down on your to do list so you can pick it up later.

During lunch Jeroen asks if you want to participate in a game of table football, but you turn that down. You want to get some fresh air, but tomorrow you'll join again! After the break you review the merge request and give some feedback to make the code a little more efficient. During the break you received an email from your colleague Edwin asking if you can find out why a certain order cannot be sent. You start working on this immediately, because you want the customer to have his package tomorrow. At 15:00 there will be a release with one of your updates. You check in the back office whether everything really works as you intended. After having worked on your project for a while, it is time to end the day. You have had a productive day and receive a compliment from Marieke, your Product Owner!

What do we offer?

Plenty of growth opportunities

Make a difference from day 1

The best gear

No half measures at Belsimpel

Work in the city centre

Ride your bike to the office

Unique work atmosphere

Weekly socials and activities

Who are you?

  • You have preferably studied Computing Science at university level or can demonstrate in another way that you are at this level.
  • It does not matter if you have a little less experience with the languages we use. If you are at the right level for other languages, we assume that you will pick this up quickly enough if you have the right insight.
  • You enjoy solving problems on your own and can write (object-oriented) code of high quality.
  • You are preferably willing to work 32-40 hours.