Warning: Fake vacancies of Belsimpel/Gomibo are circulating on the internet. We do not hire candidates without a physical interview in our office or stores.

For internationals

At Gomibo we try to provide an open and pleasant working environment for all of our colleagues, including you as an international. Because Gomibo is busy with conquering the European market, we have an increasing need for international colleagues. Think for example of French-speaking customer service colleagues, translators for our Spanish-language website domains, or marketers to set up collaborations with German telcos. This also means that the percentage of non-Dutch colleagues at Gomibo is constantly growing.

An open working environment

At Gomibo, we hope you will quickly feel at home as an international colleague. Here, everyone speaks English well, and we make sure that your immediate colleagues speak English as much as possible so you don’t feel left out. We also make sure that all information is available in English. From our monthly internal newsletter, to the booklet for new colleagues and the card you get from us on your birthday. This will hopefully make you feel as much a part of Gomibo as any other colleague!

Working as an international in Groningen

Our offices are all located in the city centre of Groningen. Groningen is characterised by its high number of internationals, both international students and working internationals. This makes the city very accessible to non-Dutch speakers. Practical matters such as menus and websites are usually available in English, and people from Groningen generally speak English well.

We will help you with the practicalities.

When you join us, we always offer you help with the things you need to take care of, even if they are not work-related. For example, consider:

  • Which insurances are there, and which do you need?
  • What about tax and allowances?
  • How does a visit to the doctor work in the Netherlands?
  • Tips for public transportation
  • What do you need to sort out when you are having or will have children?
For additional questions, you can always contact our Recruitment & Selection team. Do not hesitate to call them, or send them an email. You can find our contact details below. We are always willing to think along, also with practical matters you need to arrange as an international. Even if they are not work-related.

Have questions about the process or a vacancy? We are happy to help!
You can contact Team Recruitment & Selection at 050-2113856, or via werken@belsimpel.nl