Warning: Fake vacancies of Belsimpel/Gomibo are circulating on the internet. We do not hire candidates without a physical interview in our office or stores.

Development Teams

At Gomibo, we see ourselves as a tech company that ‘happens’ to have a web shop, rather than a web shop with tech support. That is because we have developed everything in-house, from our warehouse system to the design of our shopping cart. By doing this, we have the opportunity to expand the limits in the industry, without becoming dependent on another party. That way, we can raise the bar as high as we want to.

What do our Development teams do?

Next to all aspects of our web shop, we have also developed our HR environment and identification software. We use the systems ourselves, but we also create independent software that is interesting to other companies. This Software as a Service, SaaS, we also offer to 3rd parties. We might be more technical, and our scope might be much broader than you might initially think.

The structure of our development teams

Our development team consists of about eighty colleagues, sub-divided in smaller teams of 4 to 8 developers and a product owner that all work together on one common product. This is a mix of full-timers and part-timers, experienced and recently graduated colleagues. Most colleagues in our development teams have finished a technical study at the university or university of applied science. We are not necessarily looking for programmers that have already mastered a certain language, but we are looking for good

programmers and problem solvers., who are eager to learn.
We have a flat organisation where it matters what you say, and not who says it. You can have as much input as you want, and contribute to the direction that we are heading towards. Within teams, there is no strict hierarchy, as we do not like that. As a developer, you are the technical expert, a non-technical colleague will not determine your technical work.

How do we work?

We work from the MVP approach and that comes with very short release times. We release our code multiple times per day. Als je iets af hebt, kan het dus bijna altijd direct live gezet worden! We also proactively replace our legacy code. Of course, every software has legacy, but that does not mean that this has to be maintained for eternity.

As a technical expert, you are taken very seriously in your role: you are the expert after all! From that idea, we fully trust you. You will receive autonomy, you are involved with technical decisions, and you also review the code of more experienced colleagues.

Are you curious about our stack? If so, take a look at our Stack page.

What do we build?

All of our software products perfectly communicate with each other en are very user friendly, because they are daily used by our colleagues and customers. All of our products are worked on every business day, and everything is constantly optimised.

The most advanced telecom web store in the Netherlands (Belsimpel.nl) and Europe (Gomibo.com).

A full multi-language platform with the most powerful comparison tool of the Mobile World. It tames more than 17 million price combinations within which you can filter between products as well as services, simultaneously. Internally, we call it ‘The Beast’ for a good reason!

..but we are not only a platform for phones and providers, we build all our software ourselves.We noticed that more and more telecom companies asked us if they could use parts of our software, as they themselves were struggling with digitalization. This is why we decided to take the step to offer our technology and software services to telecom and internet providers, via Gomibo SaaS.


Our own CRM system that all our colleagues and customers use.


Our own warehousing system that can handle a million inventory mutations per year.


Our own AB testing platform, to optimise everything with the help of user data.


An SDK for ID verification for iOS, Android, and web.


Our own HR-system, which contains everything from employee registration to meeting agendas.

Tulip Assist

The insurance platform that we have created and developed ourselves.

Instore software

Software that our stores use.

Belsimpel App

The Belsimpel and Gomibo app for Android and iOS.