Warning: Fake vacancies of Belsimpel/Gomibo are circulating on the internet. We do not hire candidates without a physical interview in our office or stores.

Training programme

Our training programmes are custom-made, for both starters and experienced colleagues. Some of our trainings are completed by everyone, but other, more specialised training programmes are specific for certain teams or positions. The training will always be during your working hours, and are always with a mixed group of colleagues that all have different positions, so that you also learn from your colleagues! The unique thing is that we create all of our trainings ourselves, we constantly improve them, and we renew based on the needs and input of our colleagues. That is how we can ensure that our trainings 100% fit your work, and that they really advance your work as well. Besides that, you will develop all the skills that you will enjoy for the rest of your life!

Do you want to start within a development or data science team?

If so, we have an additional training programme for this! To see this programme, check out the Tech & Engineering Training Programme.

Our training programmes

Working Smart

By working smart, work fits your life well, you will never go home feeling stressed, and you ensure a good work-life balance. If we work smart in the same way collectively as well, we can make sure that everyone has the most impact. No overflowing mailboxes, and no constant interruptions, create a feeling of calm and that you have a hold on everything. This way, you ensure that you are working on the right things, and that you truly make the difference!

Conversational skills & Interviewing

Good conversational skills are necessary for working together well and truly understanding each other. Next to that, you learn what is really important during each conversation or interview you have with a colleague.

Smart meetings

Meetings are very complex! By being aware of pitfalls, you ensure an efficient meeting together, and you can really make the difference. For every type of meeting, you will learn how to meet the goals that have been set, and also when a meeting is not the correct medium, so we have no unnecessary meetings.

Culture deck

By knowing what we stand for, and how we interact with each other, working together becomes easier and more enjoyable. The culture guides you when making choices in your daily work.


You will have intervision sessions with a set group of colleagues from different teams four times per year. During the intervision sessions, you will be discussing cases that you find difficult in your personal work, in a confidential environment. You will get insights into your personal role and behaviour, and will receive tools to personally develop yourself.


When you are working together with external parties, you have to know what rules and guidelines we have to comply with, to make sure that you act in the right way.


As soon as you know the useful functions that Excel offers and know when to use which function, you can use that skill during projects and analyses.

Gomibo University

Next to the training programme, we also have the Gomibo University. By means of the University, we offer even more tools to develop yourself on a personal level. You can borrow books from our library, follow a language course, or even go to a lecture to learn from one of our specialised colleagues! For more information, go to our Benefits page.