Warning: Fake vacancies of Belsimpel/Gomibo are circulating on the internet. We do not hire candidates without a physical interview in our office or stores.

Terms of Employment at the Gomibo Group

A good salary, and proper employee benefits are very important to us, and contribute to optimised (work) satisfaction. Our goal is that our terms of employment fully support you during your work, but also when you are free, so that you get the most out of yourself. Our intention is always to engage in long-term employment, where we believe it is important that you yourself are at the helm of your development: you determine the speed and direction.

Wage & development

For starters, we have determined a starting wage per area of expertise that is based on the function you will have, and the study/studies you have completed. For colleagues with experience on the job market, we have no fixed scaling. In this case, we apply customisation, where we consider the work experience, and what this person brings to strengthen Gomibo. This means that we do not have a fixed wage that defines wage development, and that our

employee benefits are not set in stone.

We invest an above-average amount of time in your personal development, and encourage each other to create an impact from day one. This creates a steep learning curve, and you can quickly expand on your responsibilities. We evaluate your wage and employee benefits annually, but if you have a quick development, the increase in wages can also expand more rapidly.

Your employee benefits

  • A good wage that grows with your personal development
  • A great pension scheme with the Pensioenfonds Detailhandel, where the employer’s contribution is three times higher than your personal contribution
  • 25 vacation days based on a 40-hour work week, and the possibility to purchase 5 additional vacation days
  • Gomibo Benefits: benefits that make your work and private life more fun and easier.

Gomibo Benefits

Benefits that make your work and private life more fun and easier.

Your development is key

  • An internal training programme that quickly helps you grow in your professional career
  • Lots of personal guidance from experienced colleagues
  • Intervisions with colleagues from other teams
  • Jobcrafting: a role that matches your talents
  • You get the challenge you can handle with good guidance
  • Personal growth via relevant literature and books


  • Team activities and dinners.
  • Gomibo-wide get-togethers, summer festivals and the legendary Christmas party.
  • Sports opportunities, such as a weekly boot camp, circuit or boxing workout with colleagues.
  • A dinghy in the canals of Groningen, that you can use together with your colleagues

Health & Vitality

The right work-life balance

  • Flexible starting times so that you can start earlier, and also be off earlier
  • 2 days of remote work if you want to, and if your work allows it
  • Organize your own days off (working during Ascension Day means another day off)
  • Training in smart working to balance your workload

Attention for physical and mental health

  • Conversations with a coach or psychologist if you wish
  • Customized assistance for your needs on this topic
  • Health weeks with workshops and inspirational speakers

Useful discounts

  • Discounts for your purchases at Belsimpel
  • Beneficial discounts at local restaurants and bars in Groningen
  • An inexpensive gym subscription at TrainMore, located near the office