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Giving people easy access to the digital world

The rise of telecoms allows for more connectivity than ever. Even if your relatives or friends live on the other side of the world; you are just 1 call or text message away. How would you manage your banking these days without a phone and network? And how would you stay on top of breaking news from across the world? We are dependent on telecom simply because everything happens online. So, access to the world of telecom is crucial if you want to participate. Gomibo wants to ensure that everyone can participate in an increasingly digital world.

What do you need to get access to the digital world?


A smartphone or similar device

A laptop, phone, or other device that allows you to access a network.


A secure connection to a (digital) network

Think of T-Mobile’s network, or Starlink’s satellites.


A place where you can obtain both

Accessing and acquiring both a network and a device.

This may sound simple, but there is still a long way to go. Due to global inequalities in innovation, wealth and also digital skills, easy access to the digital world is not a given for everyone and everywhere. Even though there is now a good quality network almost everywhere and enough smartphones are being produced, there is still a missing link between the two. Gomibo is striving to close this digital divide.

A multi-faceted telecom platform that helps customers and businesses obtain easy access to the digital world

With its Global Digital Compact initiative, the United Nations (UN) aims to ensure that telecom products and services are available everywhere and at a fair price. Gomibo wants to play an important role in achieving this mission by being the most versatile platform in telecoms, for both customers and businesses. With our clever technology, we ensure that truly everyone can participate in an increasingly digital world – regardless of your knowledge, age, income, or where you live. All our brands play a role in achieving this mission. Find out how we do it below.

“An open, free, and secure digital future for all” – United Nations

Our mission is to make access to the digital world easier for everyone.

All our brands contribute to our mission


In an industry with countless options and choices, Belsimpel and Gomibo unite the full range, in an orderly fashion and at the most competitive price. That way, our customers find the product and network that suits them best. We also help customers after their purchase by making all our services as accessible as possible: from comparing, choosing, and buying, to cancelling, repairing, and recycling. This way, we make sure that being connected is a given and for everyone. After all, today we can no longer live without it.

Take a look at www.belsimpel.nl or www.gomibo.de (or any of the other domains) and explore our e-commerce platform.

Do you also sometimes wonder if it is wise to take out an insurance when buying an expensive new smartphone? We fully understand. With Tulip Assist, we want to remove any doubts. We make an impact by offering our users an insurance that you would recommend to friends or family. In other words: just solid terms and conditions, a competitive price, and no fine print. This way, you can use your smartphone or gadget worry-free. For example: we will ensure you will be back online immediately if your device breaks or gets stolen. That way, we make sure you can quickly access the digital world again.

Want to know more? Check out the website at www.tulipassist.nl

More and more of our world is lived online – from buying a phone contract to registering for a new university term. It is nice that you can do this from your couch in the evening, but at the same time you want this to be done properly and securely. With Verifai, we provide easy and reliable ways to check identification documents, with the aim of preventing online identity fraud. We do this by simplifying the digital verification of identification documents, for example by scanning the document and checking its authenticity. This way we ensure that everyone can participate in the digital world safely and carefree.

Go to www.verifai.com and read how we are tackling identity fraud.

We believe it is time for a telecom sector where truly everyone has easy access to telecom products, facilities, and services. This may sound simple, but it is anything but a given in many countries. With our smart software, we enable providers across the globe to make their online and offline customer journeys more accessible, friendly, and efficient – with the aim of connecting everyone to an increasingly digital world, regardless of their knowledge, age, or where they live.

Check out the website www.gomibogroup.com and discover how we also offer our clever platform as a service.

How does Gomibo realise access to the digital world?

Every day since 2006, we have been building our own platform that easily brings together the complicated range of networks and products. By working with smart, unique technology, and the best colleagues, we have succeeded in building the best platform that millions of people now use.

In addition, with Gomibo SAAS, we are now making our platform available to existing telecom companies worldwide to make it easy for their customers to access the digital world too. This way, we reach even more people and have more impact.

People, environment, and society

As a company, we make a difference together. Without all our colleagues, it would be impossible to achieve our mission. We believe it is important to go to the limit together for our customers, and also to celebrate successes together. This is also reflected in our core values, which describe what we stand for and how we treat each other.

Always going the extra mile means:

  • We go to great lengths to change the world of telecoms;
  • We treat our customers like family;
  • We embrace change to improve, accepting the challenges along the way.

The best idea counts, meaning:

  • We encourage each other to make an impact from day one - no matter who you are or where you come from;
  • We welcome diversity to enrich ideas;
  • We insist that team effort always wins out over the individual.

Working Smart in the Gomibo Way, which means:

  • We work smart to maximise our impact and for a good work-life balance;
  • We solve problems at the core;
  • We make a good plan before we get started;
  • We like to draw a sprint.

Growing together means:

  • We create a safe environment where feedback can be shared in a respectful way;
  • We are at the helm of our own development;
  • We create a positive working atmosphere and do not forget to enjoy our work;
  • We celebrate successes together.

Our terms

We take good care of over 750 of our colleagues and consider it important to make a positive contribution to their happiness, health, well-being, and development. We do this through our terms of employment and Gomibo Benefits, among other things. For example, consider:

  • Conditions and training courses that, among other things, help you maintain a good work-life balance;
  • Advice, help or coaching from an expert on physical or mental health problems;
  • Weekly bootcamp, boxing, circuit training, and other sports benefits, such as discounts at the gym or free use of a padel court;
  • Outings, parties and get-togethers to really celebrate successes together;
  • (Mental) Health Benefits, such as a sports hour during working hours and advice on healthy eating. Our Health Weeks focus on these topics company-wide.

What impact do you make as a colleague?

As a colleague, you will contribute to a more inclusive and accessible digital world. We are happy with positive experiences from our customers and work hard for that every day. You also make an impact on the work floor: together with all your colleagues, you contribute to a safe, pleasant working environment where we enjoy working together and give each other the best. That is why we are a Great Place to Work!


To access the digital world, you need a product like a smartphone or tablet. We want to design our supply chain and organisation to get these products to our customers as sustainably and easily as possible. We are constantly working to make improvements in this, with the aim of increasing our positive impact and reducing our negative impact. You can read more about this topic on our Sustainability page.

Affiliated with DHL GoGreen

Exclusive partnership with Fairphone

(a pioneering sustainable brand that we provide a platform for with our collaboration)

A second chance for devices via Recommerce

Our impact in the area

No matter how much we grow: we are still in Groningen. We are happy with the city because the vibrant student life and down-to-earth mentality of its inhabitants suit us well. This allows us to work with a fantastic team of colleagues every day to achieve our mission and goals. We are committed to the region and find it important to contribute to a prosperous Northern Netherlands.

We do this in various ways, including maintaining close ties with local educational institutions. We are the main sponsor of the intro week for students, the KEI week, and offer internships in a wide range of sectors. We also regularly give guest lectures and sponsor several study and student associations. Belsimpel is even an ambassador for the province and municipality of Groningen!

Our impact beyond the region

We contribute to the Dutch knowledge economy with our specialised know-how on telecoms and technology, and put the Netherlands on the map as a hub of expertise in SaaS solutions. We also believe that with our mission, Giving people easy access to the digital world, we will make a positive impact on global society. We take our down-to-earth and transparent Dutch mindset with us, resulting in everyone worldwide having access to the digital world according to the same principles. We are working towards a society in which everyone can participate, whoever you are and wherever you come from.