Warning: Fake vacancies of Belsimpel/Gomibo are circulating on the internet. We do not hire candidates without a physical interview in our office or stores.

Work environment & working atmosphere

At Gomibo Group, we think it is incredibly important that you enjoy your work. We go to great lengths to create an environment where everyone feels good and can get the best out of themselves. With a positive working atmosphere we make sure that you can enjoy your work!

Atmosphere in the office

Even though we are getting bigger, we are not a sluggish organisation. We have an informal atmosphere, and the communication lines are short. We want everyone to be themselves. The layout of our office fits our informal atmosphere. Everyone works in an open office space, including founders Jeroen & Jeroen, and your team leader. This reflects our flat organisational structure immediately. To make sure you can concentrate properly, each workstation comes with a good noise-cancelling headset.

We work with students andstarters, to a lot of experienced colleagues. Whether you have just started or have worked here for years, we encourage everyone to have an impact, starting from day one. We welcome diversity, in order to enrich ideas. The largest part of our colleagues speak Dutch, however the percentage of English speaking colleagues is steadily growing. Check out this page for internationals for everything we do to make sure they feel completely at home!

Location and working hours

Our office can be found in the heart of Groningen. For who is not from around here: Groningen is a lively (student) city, where the cosiness of a village and the pros of a city come together. Most of our colleagues walk or cycle to the office. Major bus routes stop nearby, you have to walk a maximum of 5 minutes within the canals! We work with flexible start times, starting between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. At 9 a.m., each team kicks off with a day start. A few teams are the exception to the rule, because of the nature of their work.

Lunch at the office

You can order lunch from our varying menu every day in our very own Gobistro. Do you want to get moving during your break? You can always walk around the Grote Markt with a lunch-to-go, or play a game of table tennis, pool or table football. We also have a roof terrace, where it’s great to enjoy your lunch or some drinks in the summer.

How do we deal with remote working?

We believe that face-to-face contact with colleagues is very important, but we also believe it is important that you maintain a good work-life balance. Therefore, we offer fulltime colleague the option to work remotely for a maximum of 2 days per week, after your onboarding period. We prefer face-to-face meetings at the office, so it might happen that you are expected at the office on specific days. Will you work in our development team as an international? If so, we have additional benefits, to make sure that you can maintain contact with your friends and family back home!

Outside of office hours

Small-scale drinks

Nothing is more fun that celebrating our successes together. To facilitate this, we have a bar in our canteen, where you can get a fresh draught beer or some soda. During the week, you can always go upstairs to play some pool, table tennis, or to get a drink.

Bigger events

Next to that, we also have bigger events multiple times per year, varying from a yearly Christmas party to summer festivals. These moments offer a great opportunity to reflect on our achievements, but also to get to know other colleagues that you do not work as much with.

Opportunities for sports enthusiasts

Going the extra mile is something we do both figuratively and literally. For example, we always participate in the 4 Mile of Groningen as a company and we offer many benefits for sportive colleagues, such as a weekly bootcamp and a discount for a gym membership.

Working Smart in the Gomibo Way, which means:

  • For Gomibo, it is the first priority that you are feeling well: your health always comes first. That is why we offer a personal budget for coaching, which you for example can use for help with a healthy lifestyle, to quit smoking or to get a better work-life balance.
  • Improving is in our DNA, which is why we want to help you develop yourself! We offer, among other things, a language course, internal upskilling, and can even help you with your job orientation if you every want to look beyond Gomibo.
  • Besides, we also think it is important that you have everything in order financially. Here, of course, our terms of employment are an important pivot. Want to know more about how we have arranged this? Then read the page on our terms of employment.