Warning: Fake vacancies of Belsimpel/Gomibo are circulating on the internet. We do not hire candidates without a physical interview in our office or stores.

Why do we exist?
Giving people easy access to the digital world.

How do we do that?

We are constantly improving our digital ecosystem that connects users with telecom providers, products and services.

What do we do?
Our platform provides an excellent and highly efficient online and offline telecom experience. Being a telecom reseller allows us to continuously learn from our customers and innovate. By sharing our e-commerce technology and service with telecom providers, more users can enjoy the same level of service.

Since 2006 we have been working on our platform on a daily basis, building all the components ourselves. We noticed that more and more telecom companies asked us if they could use parts of our software, as they themselves were struggling with digitalization. This is why we decided to take the step to offer our technology and software services to telecom and internet providers, via Gomibo SaaS.

Take a look at the website www.gomibogroup.com and see how we also offer our smart platform as a service.

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