Warning: Fake vacancies of Belsimpel/Gomibo are circulating on the internet. We do not hire candidates without a physical interview in our office or stores.

The application process

Even though we have no fixed process, we do still have a starting point of the process for each application. In theory, we stick to this, so that you know what to expect. Will we deviate from this? Then we will of course let you know! At the bottom of this page you will find a more detailed explanation for each section.

Full-time job openings

  1. Apply via the website
  2. Contact by phone
  3. Job interview
  4. Assessment(s)
  5. An in-depth conversation & discussing the terms of employment
  6. Possible final interview with an experienced colleague
  7. The proposal to start working with us

A study-related side job

The process for a side job in a supporting team is rather extensive. Because you really get to know how to work within a certain field within Belsimpel, we believe that the match between you, Gomibo, and your substantive work is really important!

  1. Apply via the website
  2. Contact by phone
  3. Job interview & discussing the terms of employment
  4. An in-depth conversation & Assessment
  5. The proposal to start working with us

Flexible side-job

In the process for Team Customer Service, Team Subscriptions, Team Return & Repairs, Team Stores, and Team Shipment & Delivery, the focus is on finding the match between you, the work, and the Belsimpel culture. We can assess this in one interview. This makes the process really quick, you will often know if you can begin working with us within a week!

  1. Apply via the website
  2. Contact by phone
  3. Job interview & discussing the terms of employment
  4. The proposal to start working with us

Tech jobs
Are you applying for one of our Engineering (side) jobs? If so, take a look at the full-time job openings, and at the study-related side job. The difference is that we have no assessments here, but invite a developer to the interview to verbally find out how good your skills are.

Steps of the process explained

There are different parts to each process, below you can see what to expect.

1. Applying via the website

First, you answer a number of questions, and you upload your CV and list(s) of grades. We do not work with the standard motivation letter. Have you already written one? Not to worry, you can still add it! Your grade list(s) will never make or break your application, but are considered for the overall picture.

2. Contact by phone

After the first check, we call you to ask some additional questions. This way, we get a better picture of you, what is important to you in a job or a company, and how you see your future, for example. After this, we decide if you will be invited for a first job interview.

3. The job interview

The first interview is mainly about a mutual introduction, and the match with our core values. This interview will often be with 2 colleagues from the Recruitment & Selection team, and will last about 60 minutes. We will not go in depth about the job.

4. An assessment

There are a few tests in the process that we choose for the job opening. Consider an ability test for an analytical role, or conversational skills test for a social role. The outcome will be considered for an addition to the full picture, but will never be a determining factor in itself.

5. An in-depth conversation

Is there a mutual connection? Then we will go more in depth about the match with the work and the team in the second interview, often with a colleague from the team that you are applying for. Here, you can ask all of your substantive questions about the job. We will also go more in depth about possible doubts or unspoken points from the first interview.

6. Discussing terms of employment

We believe it is important that you are happy with the terms of empployment , but our expectations have to be aligned. Sometimes this is already handled during the job interview, but you can always take the time to consider this. For the final interview, we have to be sure that this is clear from both sides.

7. Interview with a more experienced colleague

The final check to make sure that we have the correct match, is a final interview. This could be with Jeroen or Jeroen, the founders of Belsimpel, or with another experienced colleague. This can also be in a more informal setting, during a lunch, or a small get together. Here we will also discuss other questions that might have risen from our side.

8. The proposal to start working with us

Is everyone excited? Then we will call you to inform you that we would love to have you on board! After that, you will receive an email with a written proposal of what you exactly will do here, together with the terms of employment that fit your situation. Once you have indicated that you want to join our company, we will make sure that you can get to work as soon as possible!

Have questions about the process or a vacancy? We are happy to help!
You can contact Team Recruitment & Selection at 050-2113856, or via werken@belsimpel.nl