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Danielle's story

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"Besides the work and administrative tasks, you also consciously and unconsciously learn an awful lot about all the processes within an organisation."

Working student Danielle - Team Finance

Working student at expertise Finance & Control

The position in Team Finance immediately appealed to me because I was curious to see how what I am learning during my studies (MSc Finance and MSc Economics) will work in practice. From my first day on the job, I was given many responsibilities.

There are many different opportunities within Team Finance. For example, you can take on all kinds of different tasks within accounts payable or accounts receivable management, or you can choose to specialise in a particular task. This way, you put together your own set of tasks. Currently, one of the things I am dealing with is the commission streams of the telecom providers. In addition to the work and administrative tasks, you will consciously and unconsciously learn an awful lot about all the processes within an organisation. Because you work togehter a lot with other colleagues within the team, you quickly absorb their knowledge. I have already been able to expand my planning and Excel skills quite a bit, which saves me a lot of time, even during my studies. 

I think atmosphere within the company is a big plus. Many activities are organised to get to know other colleagues besides those on your own team I am a sports enthusiast, so I can also often be found at the weekly bootcamps, circuit training and boxing classes organised (for free) from work. For me, this side job is a perfect combination of gaining relevant experience on the one hand and having a fun and enjoyable time with colleagues on the other. I can recommend it to everyone!   



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