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Martijn's story

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"We are not stuck in ways of working: if you have a good idea, this will be listened to."

Working student Martijn - Team Provider Partnerships

Working student at expertise Marketing & Communications

My career at Gomibo began as a subscription data analyst. At the time, I carried out analyses; for example, I analysed what worked well in our newsletter. That position aligned well with my studies in Econometrics. I now work in a team of four colleagues managing our total bundle and subscription offerings. This includes making sure that all information and prices are correct, both on the front and back end of the website. In doing so, a mistake can have a major impact on overall revenue and website traffic. So this is a huge responsibility. I think it's very cool that I get the confidence to do this! I work together with many young and enthusiastic colleagues. We are not stuck in ways of working; if you have a good idea, this is listened to and you are often given the opportunity to take the lead in this. Your own development is up to you. A year ago, I indicated to my team leader that I wanted to work on my communication skills. This gave me the responsibility of mentoring new colleagues in our team, which also enabled me to take steps in more general skills that I can put to good use in my career.



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